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What to do in Star Valley?

What to do in Star Valley?

Star Valley is known for being an outdoor Paradise.  Star Valley is surrounded by the mountains, rivers and forest.  So, we have many hiking trails, water activities and places to explore.


Greys River Road:

Greys River Road is known for groomed snow mobile trails in the winter where you can ride your sled to the Box Y for lunch.  It is a beautiful ride where you see the magic of winter come to life.  In the summer, there are many hiking trails just off the road where you can find many hidden gems.  Such as clear blue water lakes and other amazing adventures.  Some trails are for ATV’s, and some are for hiking or horseback riding.  Plus, several people enjoy fishing or just a scenic drive from Alpine to Smoot.


Snake River:

Is another fun adventure with scenic floating trips, challenging white water and a good fishing area. Many people enjoy paddle boarding or kayaking the Snake River.  There are plenty of public spots to park and enjoy a picnic and just play.  The Snake River, Greys River, and the Salt River all flow into the Palisades.


Salt River:

The Salt River is a little milder of a river for Paddle Boarding and kayaking.  Many people enjoy floating this river on an inner tube.  Sometimes you might see a moose just standing in the water as you round a corner.  The Salt River is known for Fly Fishing.  People come from all over just to put their drift boat in and fly fish.  Cutthroat Trout and Brown Trout are always a good catch in this river.


Palisades Reservoir:

The Palisades Reservoir is where the three rivers meet and create a lake that is enjoyable for boating, water skiing and jet skiing.  It is a fun place to play along the shore and enjoy a day on the lake.  Again, there are many public spots for people to enjoy these amazing water features in our valley.


Grover Park:

Along with the water features, there are several places for horse back riding, snowmobiling and ATV fun.  Grover Park is part of the Bridger Forest where people enjoy snowmobiling, and ATV riding.  It is a great place to find a Christmas tree as well.


Intermittent Spring:

Is a fun hiking to a waterfall that is a periodic spring.  It is a fairly easy hike if you are just wanting to go and enjoy some outdoor adventure.


Star Valley Ranch:

SVR borders the forest and has several access points for hiking along beautiful trails.  You can look over the valley from the top.  These are nice trails to enjoy for the day.  Plus they have golfing and swimming and other activities.

Wherever you go in Star Valley adventure is waiting.  There are many public access points to the forest and the rivers.  Just stop in and grab a map from our local Forest Service station and you will find many places to explore.

Some of our local events we enjoy are the Ford Theatre in Afton offers weekend activities of Comedy, Music Groups, and performances from all over.  It is a great place to enjoy the Arts on the weekend. Other Local Favorites are:

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